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“SuperBeard” Vince Hoover is a bit of a Jack of All Trades. A lifelong comic book geek and movie buff, both of those passions came from seeing Christopher Reeve don the ole Red, Yellow, and Blue in Richard Donner’s “Superman: The Movie”. He subsequently sent as much time as possible reading comics and watching movies. He began emulating his favorite artists, working his way to becoming the accomplished fan artist he is today. He also got his AA in Film/Video Production from Full Sail University, focusing his other passion in film. This led to a job as a casting agent during the final season of the original Fear Factor, as well as a hosting gig on Bad Monkey Radio as well as the host/producer of several video podcasts, before walking away to focus on other things.

But this isn’t where his story ends. SuperBeard’s passion for art transcended in the food world, leading to him joining the United State Army and becoming a Culinary Specialist for our Armed Services, including several awards for his food art, culminated with a Silver Medal performance in the world’s largest culinary competition, the Army Culinary Federation Competition. He specializes in custom cakes, ice carvings, three dimensional fruit/pumpkin carving, and sugar sculptures. Unfortunately, injuries sustained in the Army forced his medical retirement in 2014.

Before joining the Army in early 2011, Vince had some other “hobbies”. He was a pro wrestler on the independent scene for four years, as well as having four amateur MMA fights, with a record of 4-0. Wrestling is another passion, watching WWE since his youth. He’s also an avid reader and writer, and is currently working on his first novel, with two others in the pipe.

He is also a paranormal/cryptozoological/ufological enthusiast, and is working on his certifications in all three. Having a love for the “fantastical”, Vince’s fondness started with paranormal experiences at a young age, as well as throughout his life.

Needless to say, “SuperBeard” Vince Hoover is what one would call a “Geek Aficionado”. He hopes to spread a positive love for all things geek and nerd right here with NerdDom 101!