The Journey Begins

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This is it, Ladies and Gentlemen! “SuperBeard” Vince Hoover is back, and this time it’d all about the fans!

Too long have our royal kingdom of nerds and geeks, albeit vast in numbers, has had to live in the shadows of condemnation, ridicule, and negativity. So many so called “Nerd” sites posts pointless click bait and horrifically negative articles on or most beloved memories, hobbies, lifestyles, and more.

That being said, that is not what we here at the real NerdDom 101 are about. SuperBeard, along with guest contributors, will be bringing you a positive take on all things Geek! We’ll discuss the history of your favorite comic characters, the best theories of upcoming movies, which wrestling match is your favorite, paranormal investigations, where is Bigfoot, and so much more!

So, again, thank you all, the royal subjects of NerdDom, where YOU have a say and we work for you! Let us all rejoice in this newfound geek kingdom of positivity and fun!


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